Christmas and Winter food traditions in Rome

Christmas and Winter food traditions in Rome - Driver Guide Service:

Italy is widely known for having some incredible traditions, especially for things like Christmas and winter time in general. That’s especially true when you visit a location like Rome. Which does bring the question, what kind of traditions are there in regards to winter foods in Rome? Let’s find out right away!

Fried foods

Romans tend to love fried foods, more specifically fritti, as it’s called in Rome. You have Suppli, which is a rice cylinder that also has some mozzarella and tomato pork ragu. This is fried in hot oil, and it’s served. Very delicious, and a lot of people will love it. Baccala fritto is also nice, it’s basically fried cod filled and this one is fried and served with other dishes if you want. It’s safe to say that eating fried foods in Rome during winter will keep you away from the cold, and these foods are super tasty too.


People in Rome also enjoy soups too. In fact, these are very popular especially during the cold season. There are many of them that are popular, but the most appealing one seems to be the minestrone. This one has a combination of fresh veggies, like spinach, chard, cabbage, broccoli, potatoes and carrots. But there’s also skate broth that uses pasta and roman cauliflower. It’s definitely a bit different, but still a great option and one a lot of people appreciate here.

Winter veggies

A lot of people enjoy winter veggies, and there’s definitely no shortage of options here. Broccolini is a very popular veggie that you serve with second courses of pork, and a lot of people are extremely happy to give it a try. Of course, veggie-only dishes are not for everyone during the winter, but they can be adapted to your meal depending on the situation.

Very popular dishes locals eat around Christmas

What you will notice is that locals enjoy many traditional dishes. The pasta dishes like linguine allo scoglio are a great option, you also have spaghetti with clams among others. If you do have a soup, you usually go for the skate soup that has some cauliflower. In the case of second courses, here you can have roasted fish with baked potatoes, maybe prawns sauteed in a pan and wine spumante. 

If you’re wondering what you should eat for a Christmas lunch, there are some things that come to mind. Tortellini in chicken broth and some Stracciatella can be a great option. Romans also enjoy eating lamb during Christmas too, so that on its own is a very important option to keep in mind.


There’s no denying that Romans do have their own food traditions, especially when it comes to Winter or Christmas in particular. One thing is certain, the dishes shared above are delicious, and you will find them extremely appealing and interesting. Which is why it can be a very good idea to check them out and give them a try, you will be very impressed with their great taste and amazing result. 

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