Rome at Christmas: all you need to know for a perfect stay

Rome at Christmas: all you need to know for a perfect stay - Driver Guide Service:

If you want to find a great place where you can spend your Christmas, Rome might very well be that location. It’s an incredible place with lots of cool things to do and places to see. If you enjoy the Christmas spirit, Rome gets into it pretty early, and you will find lots of decorations and incredible things all the time. That’s why it’s totally worth visiting especially during the cold season.

When is the Christmas season in Rome?

Generally, the Christmas season in Rome will last from the 8th of December to the 6th of January. So you do have close to a month to enjoy the overall festivities and interesting experiences that are available to you exclusively during this season. That’s the thing that truly makes Rome such an incredible place to visit.

Is it busy? Does it snow?

It generally doesn’t snow in Rome, so you are safe there. However you do need to note that Rome is very busy most of the year. It’s a place where tourists flock towards and there’s definitely a lot to see there. With that in mind, you will find the Christmas season in particular to be extremely busy, so you have to book accommodations and other things early on.

Can you find accommodation around Christmas in Rome?

Yes, there are many hotels and even Airbnb options you can choose from. But, as always, any capital especially a tourism-focused one like Rome will be highly booked during Christmas. So we do recommend you to book any accommodation and even buy tickets to anything you want to see early on. Otherwise, you may end up not being able to visit that specific location you are interested in.

Should you pack anything specific?

You will be more than ok with a waterproof coat, an umbrella, a scarf, walking shoes and any accessories/items you really want to have near you. Having a long sleeve top or even having a woolen top can help quite a bit. Shoes aside from trainers or sneakers will be great for the evenings out. Otherwise, you can use sneakers for most of the trip, especially if you visit places and want to stay in comfort. There’s no need for a thermal layer when you visit Rome during the winter. However, having a scarf and some gloves, maybe even a hat will help you get past the cold.

As you can see, going to Rome during the Christmas season can be a bit of an undertaking. The truth is that you will always end up dealing with challenges and that’s exactly the thing you need to take into consideration. It’s a very good idea to assess any potential accommodation early on, just to ensure you have a place to stay. Other than that, you also want to see the opening/closing hours for any locations you plan on visiting. Once you have a good understanding of that, it will be a lot easier to have fun and not worry about any mishaps or challenges.

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