Tiny and unknown streets that pass through the city centre
driving past artiginal craft shops, breadmakers, shoemakers and tailors
During our tours, we will give you detailed explanations of every monument
Old Backery store in the jewish Ghetto
Rome among the Romans! Discover Rome from the inside out!
no line reserved entrance ...


4 hours


4 hours History & Fun in a Golf cart 

The best of the eternal city in only 4 hours!


Rome among the Romans! Exploring Rome from the inside is simply the way to do it and if this is your first time here, well you’ve made the right choice! You will find that on this tour aboard our Delux Golf Cart, we will travel through small alleyways while showing you the most visited and genuine parts of this breathtaking city, stopping by historical residences, characteristic town squares, romantic, fountains and 6th century courtyards far from the typical tourist itineraries yet still situated in the heart of the city.


Obviously our main objectives will be the well-known landmarks of Rome but avoiding the chaotic Roman roads filled with smoke, and loud horns that fill the roads of our fair city. In the end, this is ia holiday and rightly so, we want to keep it pleasurable and relaxing. 


During the 4 hours we will visit the Pantheon, Navona Square, the Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum, the Antique Opera House and to finish off the tour we will explore none other than the Colosseum. Since we have already ordered the tickets beforehand, you can avoid waiting in the queue and truly enjoying Rome's Eternal symbol, standing in all its glory. 


During your tour with us, you will enjoy driving around the characteristic inner streets made of cobblestones, I mean it will get a little bumpy, but the presence of antique doorways and romantic courtyards will make it seem as if you have just entered into another time. Certain parts of the city that we will be exploring can only be reached on foot so you will have a further opportunity to get off and take as many pictures as you like.


Walk around and take note of the amazing arhitectural details of the buildings and courtyards or take a sip to quench your thirst from the Mascherone Fountain that dates back to the early 15th century. You will have a long list of things to choose from on our "unusual Roman Tour" and also thanks to the little tid-bits we want to share with you. But I definitely do not want to tell you everything just yet! I would rather surprise you by giving you an unforgettable day with RomeGolfCart Tour. So get on board!

Tours Itinerary .


The beautiful and characteristic Jewish ghetto ( only available with the Rome Golf Cart Tour)

Piazza Margana that dates back to the Medieval Roman Period- start of the 1300s ( only available with the Rome Golf Cart Tour)

Small maze-like alleys and streets in the historical city centre, bakers, shoemakers, antique doorways and so much more! ( only available with the Rome Golf Cart Tour)

The Palace of the Margani Family (only available with the Rome Golf Cart Tour)

Theatre of Marcellus (an antique Opera House)

Capitoline Hill and the beautiful panorama of The Roman Forum

Piazza Venezia and the monument dedicated to Victor Emmanuel II of Italy

The Pantheon

The Trevi Fountain

The Spanish Square 

Navona Square

The Colosseum



We can take you to the Colosseum, you'll see it from the outside and we'll tell you all about it, but I suggest not touring the inside while on the golf cart tour.

It takes at least one hour to tour the inside of the Colosseum, and the admission ticket also grants admission to the Forum and Palatine, so we always suggest touring the area separately from the golf cart tour.

We don't think it makes sense to keep us waiting outside the Colosseum for one hour while instead we could use that time to show you other interesting places.

OUR COMPANY HAS NOT CHARGED ANYTHING ON YOUR CREDIT CARD , but has used it exclusively to book the services you have requested.

remember that services with the Driver Guide Service need to be payed in CASH at the end of each service

If you do want to pay with your credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) you will be charged an extra 20% on the cost of the tour(Please note that we do not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS cards).


If you wish we can book a Colosseum or Vatican extensions !!!  Your golf cart tour can be combined with a walking tour of the Vatican or the Colosseum/Forum  with a private guide.

If you are interested in adding this service let us know by the time you confirm the service so we can book the entrances in advance, Thank you


Colosseum tour 2 hours and half walking tour


Colosseum, Forum guided tour included : We drop you off at the Colosseum at the end of the golf cart tour meet our guide for 2 hours and half walking Tour and you return to your hotel by your own means after the tour (taxi, walk, public transportation)

We can get you the Colosseum "skip the line" tickets for 15 Euros per person.


 Vatican guided tour : We drop you off at the Vatican at the end of the golf cart tour and you return to your hotel by your own means after the tour (taxi, walk, public transportation)

We can get you the Vatican "skip the line" tickets for 26 Euros per person.






4 Reasons why you should pick this tour


1. If this is your first time in Rome and you are looking for something original, well you've found it! in 5 hours we will visit the best of Rome with its monuments, town squares and fountains from the inside out, encountering the characteristic side streets, distinct buildings, antique courtyards and much more.


2. At the end of the tour, you will have definitely have a better idea of where you want to spend more time or where you can go back to have a delicious cappuccino or savour a glass of fine Italian wine and you know why? Simply because we know the this city by heart and we would like to share every detail of it with you.


3. Pure simple fun! Our objective is just this! With our Golf Car, you will see Rome from a totally different perspective. In other words, similar to how you would seeit if you were travelling in your own car. But what’s more, you won’t have to drive! Lose yourselves completely while we drive through the small alleyways, take in all of its charm for as you make your way through this mystical maze right in the centre of this ancient city, far from the smog, scooters and buses and then magically ending up right in front of the Pantheon? Wow! That was fast!


4. Professional service: We are part of the Driverguidservice Tour, a highly professional private company which has been in the tourism business for over 20 years . Creating various tours and researching on what our clients want and how to best fulfil their needs is our business. Certfied as valid Tour Operators, our company respects all the rules of the Italian Tourist Department.




Lunch and any eventual extra 

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