Rome In Winter Guide: Weather, Food and Top Attractions

Rome In Winter Guide: Weather, Food and Top Attractions - Driver Guide Service:

Are you looking to visit Rome during winter? Then you are not alone. In fact, a lot of people want to enjoy a visit to Rome, especially during the winter. But needless to say, you do have some questions when it comes to how is the weather here, and other important aspects. The reality is that Rome is quite different to other regions, but it also has its fair share of benefits. Which brings the question, what can you expect from a vacation in Rome during the winter season?

The weather in Rome during winter

What you will notice is that the weather is pretty chill in Rome during winter. You won’t have below zero temperatures, but a medium jacket will be more than ok. The highs are around 12 degrees Celsius, and when it comes to the lows, maybe 4 degrees Celsius. Of course, depending on when you visit during the winter, you will have some temperature differences. However, it’s not extremely cold and that’s a thing you need to keep in mind.

Foods to try out during winter in Rome

Ideally, you want to try out the local pizza, since it’s great and certainly something to remember. The roman carbonara is another dish that’s extremely appealing and well worth a try. We also recommend pasta e ceci, it’s a pasta and chickpeas combination that’s really good.

Top attractions during the winter

Of course, you do want to go to the main attractions like the Colosseum, because they are a delight to see. But we also recommend checking out other places too. You have the Borghese galleries that a lot of people love, because there’s a beautiful art collection there. Then there’s also Vatican City, it’s a delight to visit it especially when the winter decorations are all set.

On top of that, you want to go to an opera show, there are many spectacular options especially during the winter. And yes, we also recommend going to the Jewish Museum or the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. They are not as heavily visited, so you don’t have to worry about tons and tons of tourists being there. Which is great, because you will have a pretty good time visiting this place. Remember, there’s also the Trevi Fountain, the Jewish Ghetto, Roman Forum, St Peter’s Square and many others to check out too. That means there’s no shortage of options.


As you can see, spending some time in Rome during the winter is a great idea. You have plenty of things to do and locations to explore. Plus, the local food is amazing, and there are some dishes you will only find during the winter time. Add to that the fact that for some attractions the lines are not as long when compared to summer time, and you can understand why visiting Rome during the winter is a great idea and a delight. Which is why we highly recommend giving Rome a shot this weekend, it’s well worth your time!

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