S.Gimignano and Monteriggioni

7,30 am
9/10 Hours

We will meet in the lobby of your hotel at 7.30am and within 2 hours and 45 min arriving in San Gimignano.

This lovely little town is situated at 324 metres above sea level on a hill that dominates the Valdelsa. Its distance only 40 km from Siena. San Gimignano is one of the most divine towns in Tuscany with its appealing medieval characteristics from the Hellenistic period. Deriving from Etruscan origins, it obtained its name from the St.Vescovo of Modena who in the VI century had saved the village from the barbarian hordes.

Here, we are able to see the remaining 15 towers where there once stood seventy-two. The construction of the towers took palace between the 11th and 13th centuries. The town prospered economically and developed industrially during the middle ages but was later struck with Black Plague which crippled its development and lessened its growing population. We will be able to view Palazzi del Podestà or “The Great Tower” standing 54 metres high and diverse churches dating back from the same period. Among these St. Agostino, which houses admirable frescoes by Benozzo Bozzoli.

Taking the main road of the town we will arrive at Piazza Della Cisterna, famous for its dome but most of all for its stupendous view of the entire valley. Both giving it its environmental and monumental significance.

Monteriggione 50 minutes by car from San Gimignano.
The tour also provides a fantastic view of Monteriggione and The Castle of Monteriggione. Looking upon it from afar, with its poignant remains of a time long past gives us the impression that time has stood still inside and outside the walls of this Italian walled town. Even Dante had to mention this eccentric village so separated from all else in ‘The Divine Comedy’.

The villagers and their reality have obviously changed but still today he, who has decided to live inside the walls of this little town, has conserved a slow and passive rhythm of life. A life that gives its own sense of dimension between man and nature with proper values committed to its rural culture and with constant reference back to its past history.

The representation given by the castle for visitors is quite a charming one seeing as how it appears to be at the pinnacle of the hill standing in a dominating fashion…just as a sentry at the defence of the antique Republic.

The taverns inside the village will give you the opportunity to taste typical products native to the town, home-made bread and an excellent selection of Tuscan wines.

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  • Include transportation in a comfortable Mercedes Limovan equipped with double air-conditioning.
  • This would be ideal for a couple but also adaptable for families with children.
  • Wine Tasting 25,00 Euros Per Persons
  • Lunch and any eventual extras

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