Spending the winter holidays in Rome

Spending the winter holidays in Rome - Driver Guide Service:

Finding the right destination for your holidays can be very tough. However, there are some great, timeless destinations like Rome that are always on people’s radar. Which brings the question, should you spend your holidays in Rome? What kind of experience will you have? Here are some of the considerations you should have!

Going to Vatican City

Yes, you can go to Vatican City during the winter holidays, it’s a very good idea and it’s set to bring in front a very good idea. The basilica has a capacity of just 15k people, so you do need to reserve your tickets in advance. That means you have to order and collect them. Still, seeing Vatican City during the winter is amazing, especially with all the decorations being placed in preparation for the holidays.

Roaming the city

You can also check out a variety of interesting places, not to mention the city is illuminated and decorated for Christmas. It’s possible to just go shopping and roam around taking pictures with the decorations. On top of that, there are Christmas trees in special places like the Capitoline Hill, the Colosseum, as well as Saint’s Peter Square. Then there’s also the Piazza Venezia Christmas tree which is widely known for being the best and certainly the most ornate.

Winter shopping

Obviously one of the main things a lot of people are interested in during the holidays in Rome is Winter shopping. Thankfully, you have everything from discount shops to household names and luxury brands that have great sales and all kinds of deals. The Via Nazionale ion particular is known for having all kinds of unique places for you to check out and that on its own is what makes it very appealing.

Check out the Christmas markets

Rome does have some Christmas focused markets too. Piazza Navona is the largest Christmas market, and you will enjoy the experience. There’s also the urban market, which is a clothing and souvenir focused market. Definitely one gearing towards tourists, it’s still pretty cool and interesting and you will find it quite engaging and creative too.

You can also explore all the numerous vestiges and great places to see in Rome during winter time too. So yes, it’s not just a trip for the Christmas focused things, you can still go and enjoy many of the great local spots for tourists. Just make sure that you are prepared for the weather which is a bit colder than the rest of the year.


Visiting Rome never gets old, and exploring it during the winter holidays adds an extra layer of fun and excitement. It’s always a great idea to go to Rome, and during the holidays you can actually see a lot of cool things. These are specific to the season, so you are bound to take a lot of photos. The possibility to also try out some of the Christmas foods is amazing and certainly worth a shot. That’s why a lot of people go to Rome, to immerse themselves into the great local experience, and you will have many pleasant surprises during your trip too!

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