Trastevere & Jewish Ghetto Golf Car Tour

Duration 4h
7 people
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Tour Description

Trastevere & Jewish Ghetto Golf Car Tour 4 Hours

Trastevere … and the Jewish ghetto in a golf car in the winding streets of The Eternal City

A “different” kind of adventure!

Our tour will assist you upon the discovery of some of the lesser-known yet  more charming and characteristic roads in Trastevere around The Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere. “She” is  considered one of the most ancient churches in all of Rome, dating back to 320 A.D.

And thanks to our golf car tour, we will be plunged into a magical atmosphere and see Rome as the Romans do. The Rome, made up of  local shops and balconies decorated with flowers, 17th century doorways, courtyards and pretty condominiums. Trastevere is that part of Rome, that even now after all this time still transmits that genuine untouched sensation of antiquity in one of the most visited cities in the world. Here, it will be possible to see this little village’s activities hand-on such as bakeries, its market and the antique shops thanks to our “different” adventure and our itineraries.

We will cross the Tiber River to experience the second part of our tour. Here you may have to prepare yourself for it is quite easy for the traveller to fall in love with the Jewish district. An area where even  today we can  still find present  the ruins of the ancient city, and the antique 5th century Rome. The Jewish ghetto depicts an era from the past that creates poetic images in front of our eyes, travelling through the alleyways and secondary streets of this specific area of this enchanting  city, an area that you can only truly comprehend and savour  through our golf car. From a visit to Piazza Margana which Romans consider the one of the noblest and elegant squares in Rome,  the Turtle Fountain, a lovely fountain nestled among busy bustling intersections, which dates back to the 16th century, the ruins of the ancient open-air Theatre of Marcello, other little condominiums that are characteristic of this area,  the Jewish Ghetto merchants to one of the most important highlights being a view of the Synagogue, where there is no need to comment.

If you choose to have a simple quick lunch we can stop for a piece of pizza that you will undoubtedly savour walking through the famous and incomparable Campo de Fiori, a bustling market-place by day that transforms itself at night-time.

The other option would be a the truly unique and personalised experience of having a lovely lunch at Mamma Allegra’s Appartament  which is situated in the centre of the area known as “the Jewish Ghetto”. Here you will have the opportunity to eat just like a true Roman.

The tour will end in the city centre giving you the opportunity to cool off with a lovely refreshing ice-cream or a cold drink! So what are you waiting for?

NOTICE: The tour to the Synagogue is not included so if you wish, you can visit it on your own since we do not have the authorisation to privately guide you on the inside. The tour of the Jewish District does not focus on the Jewish religion, but only on the indicative aspects of the neighborhood. The tour will take place in alleyways of the area and in the distinctive squares just like other tours that we offer to give unique and memorable itineraries that will last a lifetime through.


Lunch at Home ? Well, why not? Do as the Romans do!

Once the morning activities have  finished and lunch time has come round, you will have the opportunity to have a meal that will appeal and tatantalyze  your every sense and allow  you touch “Roman skies” with just one finger ! Well at least your taste buds will…

Destination? Well, home, of course!  Yes, at our house! Not in a restaurant nor a tavern, but in the heart of one of the most beautiful parts of Rome, in the wonderful district of the Jewish ghetto! Allow yourself to take part in a typical Roman lunch, experiencing  a unique dining experience designed just  for you!


If you wish we can book a Colosseum or Vatican extensions Your golf cart tour can be combined with a walking tour of the Vatican or the Colosseum/Forum  with a private guide.

If you are interested in adding this service let us know by the time you confirm the service so we can book the entrances in advance, Thank you
Colosseum tour 2 hours and half walking tour 200,00 Euros
The price for the walking tour of the Colosseum, Forum, as an addition to a half day golf cart tour, is the following:
Colosseum, Forum guided tour included; we drop you off at the Colosseum at the end of the golf cart tour meet our guide for 2 hours and half walking Tour and you return to your hotel by your own means after the tour (taxi, walk, public transportation)
The above mentioned prices are meant up to 7 participants.
We can get you the Colosseum “skip the line” tickets for 120Euros per person.
Vatican tour.2 hours and half walking tour 200,00 Euros
The prices for the Vatican tour, as an addition to a half day the golf cart tour, is the following:
Vatican guided tour; we drop you off at the Vatican at the end of the golf cart tour and you return to your hotel by your own means after the tour (taxi, walk, public transportation)


List of must-sees


  • Pick from your Hotel (if located in the centre of Rome)
  • Tiber Island
  • Church of Santa Cecilia (interior if the Church is Open the public)
  • Santa Maria in Trastevere (exterior Visit)
  • Santa Maria in trastevere Square
  • Via della Lungaretta (Local Shops & Bakeris)
  • Piazza Mattei (the turtle Fountain)
  • Piazza Margana (bellissima)
  • Portico di Octavia
  • Jewish Ghetto
  • Theatre of Marcellus
  • Jewish Synagogue (exterior visit)
  • Transfer back to your Hotel (if located in the centre of Rome)


What's Included

Enjoy the tour with maximum comfort

  • Expert guidance at each location from your local English-speaking Driver Guide
  • Private tour to ensure a customized, intimate experience.
  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off We can start and end your tour at your hotel (if located in the centre of Rome).

What's not included

Things to know about our tours

  • Lunch and extras.

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A day exploring the art, the culture and the beauty of the Rome that will leave you breathless with the Rome Golf Car Tour. Discover Rome from the inside out, while being transported into another time among its alleyways and ancient streets where the common car is not permitted. So here we are, offering you the Deluxe Golf Cart, completely open on all sides with comfortable leather seats allowing you to snap pictures at any given moment.

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