Why Choose The Golf Cart Tour


Why Choose “The  Golf  Cart Tour?”


A day exploring the art, the culture and  the beauty of the Rome that will leave you breathless with the Rome Golf Cart Tour. 

Discover Rome from the inside out, while being transported into another time among its alleyways and ancient streets where the common car is not permitted. 

So here we are, offering you the Deluxe  Golf Cart, completely open on all sides with comfortable  leather seats allowing you to snap pictures at any given moment. Due to its quiet electric motor, the tour will be  carried out in complete relax and total harmony giving you the opportunity to see the Rome that the typical tourist will never get a chance to experience. 

Distanced from the chaotic  streets of the capital , we will visit all the most important squares and monuments while accessing the exclusive lesser known streets that traverse the city centre, driving past artiginal craft shops, breadmakers, shoemakers and tailors. Our tour  will take you back into the 16th century, completely captivated  admist the historic  buildings and courtyards, unexplored until now from even the most well-known walking tours!

With the Deluxe Golf Cart we are able to cover triple the distance that the normal walking tour could ever cover! 

Our professional driver guides will provide you with vast amounts of historical and cultural information about the monuments visited  and at the same time keep the mood alive and entertaining since we firmly believe that a  good tour guide isn’t just someone who knows the difference between  fact and fiction. They should be able to bring history to life while helping you relive it with a smile on your face.  A healthy sense of humor can provide you with memories that can last a lifetime. Our Driver  are proud of their city and will help you fall in-love with it whether it is your first or your fifth time in this fabulous city!

Another plus? Your kids will love this tour! You will have a hard time getting them off our Deluxe Golf Car!

And what type of tour will it be ?

The best word I guess woud be invigorating ! Considering that our Deluxe Golf Cart is  completely open on all sides, quiet but at times a bit BUMPY. Well let’s be honest folks, we are travelling over cobblestone alleyways and in case you didn’t notice, our city is a bit “old”.

You will get the chance to breathe and encounter the Eternal City that the real Romans live everyday….smell the bread baking or  hear the an elderly women call out to the baker’s to put a loaf to the side. This is the real Rome, the Rome of the people!


We are headed towards the discovery of some of the most beautiful and enchanting highlights of this city. The itinerary for this tour is abundant and diverse.


So get ready to see the Pantheon, Navona Square, The Field of Flowers filled with life and colours, the narrow streets of the Jewish Ghetto  with its romantic squares and 81 fountains, Capitoline Hill with its unforgettable panorama of the Roman Forum. And of course, the Circus Maximus,  the medieval quarter of San Saba , the Appian Way, the Catacombs, the Colosseum and so much more!

 We won’t mention all the stops since that would only spoil any surprise we had in store.

Our Deluxe Golf Cart Tour is covered by our tour operator " Bella Italia Tour Operator SRLS "

Our electric golf carts are street legal and they are equipped with:

  • Insurance
  • License plate
  • Lights, front and rear
  • Safety belts
  • Horn

OUR COMPANY HAS NOT CHARGED ANYTHING ON YOUR CREDIT CARD , but has used it exclusively to book the services you have requested.

remember that services with the Driver Guide Service need to be payed in CASH at the end of each service

If you do want to pay with your credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) you will be charged an extra 20% on the cost of the tour(Please note that we do not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS cards).


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